Bezos is amused by the hard-hitting factual coverage of his plans. (From Business Insider, 2021.)

The website Futurism published an article ridiculing Jeff Bezos’s dream of moving heavy industry to lower Earth orbit so that the planet below can blossom into a garden, or something. It’s an article that’s as much alarming as it is eye-rolling for its hysterical, partisan rhetoric, entitled “Jeff Bezos Says Now He’s Gonna Pollute Space, Too: Jeff Bezos wants to have his cake and eat it, too.”

This article is truly a gem of accurate coverage, from that apparently-serious headline to the final, tortured thought conflating a rocket company with a commerce company. Forget a race to space, it’s more…

Addressing Republican response to the defense budget proposal:

First, can we make up our minds whether we’re interested in disengaged, stay-at-home isolationism where a strong military isn’t needed at the funding levels we’re used to, or instead a hyper-aggressive stance where we’re not just ready for war with China, Russia, etc., but are willing to get so strong we’ll provoke it if necessary? Because Trump at least notionally advocated the former, but the party is currently pushing the latter as its main argument.

Okay, say we just agree that it’s worth having a robust defensive posture flexible to the geopolitical…

The horror in Israel with regards to the conflict with the Palestinians has reached something of a climax with the accounts of scared people in Tel Aviv under rocket barrage.

If only we could identify some underlying cause for this attack that could be directly, straightforwardly addressed to stop such violent insanity in the future.

Hmm… Yeah, I got nothing.

Incidentally, could you imagine the uproar if there was an Arab attack on Jewish land on Yom Kippur, like a hypothetical raid on a mosque on the last Friday of Ramadan?

You actually don’t need to, because it happened already. Ten to twenty thousand people died in the Israeli response, most of them Arabs.

Damned if they do, and dead if they don’t — at least when it comes to Israel.

The fact that SpaceX has been extremely operationally active with orbital work since 2008 I think while Blue Origin still has yet to launch an orbital rocket speaks volumes, along with the fact that the Blue Origin proposal was twice as expensive as SpaceX.

Combine with NASA having their HLS budget literally quartered by Congress… Obviously spend it all on the company with a proven track record and don’t dilute for the sake of redundancy.

That redundancy after all got NASA real far with the crewed space flight program. Boeing got way more money, and still hasn’t completed even an…

Entanglement is simply the idea that quantum processes are correlated. Therefore you can infer things like intrusion more or less instantly.

A good example I’ve heard is that it’s like having a pair of black socks. You realize you accidentally put on only one of them, and instantly know that the other sock must be back at home.

But the socks didn’t talk to each other or anything. No fundamental communication between two parties can occur. (Certainly no “teleportation” in the way we think of it occurred.) You can see by deconstructing a little bit. How do we coordinate, for…

First, to be clear to newcomers: I am very much to the left side of the political spectrum — but I dislike disregarding the practical side of things. Passion and pragmatism are like a compass and a map; you need both to get where you’re going. I’m the kind of person who’s been masking and double-masking for most of every day for the last year and change. I speak from a personally informed perspective, and certainly not from anyone’s talking points let alone the right-wing. I articulate genuine concerns here.

As vaccine usage increases, we need to be more careful…

Trying to match the old man since day 1 apparently

A year ago today, I lost my dad.

They let us into the hospital to see him so long as we “followed CDC guidelines” on the pandemic, which is to say doing what is now common and everyday. I’m acutely aware that many others suffering losses of their own during this time didn’t get the same privilege of access. I don’t fully understand why there was an exception for my family but I am grateful for it.

Security gave me along with the others a green wrist band, the paper kind like you’d get at a concert, to control admissions…

The point of “wokeness” is not to feel sorry for being white.

The point is to realize race is not biological but was essentially created to delineate who has power and who serves that power: white and Black respectively in America. The first significant comments on substantial differences between white and Black people came from white people in power.

The people who held and who still benefit from that racial-based power, white people, do not get to suddenly switch over to a color-blind reality, specifically now that it’s become inconvenient and Black people are pointing out how they, for example…

It’s worth saying that as a space exploration enthusiast and advocate, it’s encouraging that the senate committee hearing for Biden’s choice for NASA administrator earlier today focused so much on continuity with the actions and decisions initiated by Jim Bridenstine, and more indirectly Mike Pence, particularly on the moonshot Artemis program.

As a loyal Seattleite, I’m supposed to side with Senator Cantwell’s objection on the exclusion of Blue Origin in NASA’s recent controversial and frankly unusually aggressive decision to pick SpaceX for the first round of funding for a new moon lander at the exclusion of any backup redundancy option.

OC — except for Nikola himself, because he’s the only true OC

Look… Tesla was a very talented electrical engineer for his time. That’s all.

Now, “that’s all” isn’t nothing, because electrical engineering has always been very hard for everyone, and so making anyone successful in it is impressive let alone someone very talented. But it’s not everything, either. In particular, Tesla wasn’t exactly a groundbreaking theoretical physicist in disguise or anything.

The easiest critique to resort to with Tesla’s achievements and lack thereof concerns his attacks on special relativity. This is most famously associated with Einstein (which in turn invites the too-easy rant in response, “Well are you saying Tesla was…

Christopher Sharp

This effort has evolved to primarily be for clearly communicating technical subject matter to the public: largely my two passions astrophysics and space travel.

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