Spaceflight, Jeffrey Bezos, and Scientifically-illiterate “Futurism”

Bezos is amused by the hard-hitting factual coverage of his plans. (From Business Insider, 2021.)

In other words, after polluting the Earth, Bezos wants to pollute space too.

That’s a bit rich, of course, since Bezos only made it to space himself if you treat “space” as a very flexible concept.

Of course, shuttling the ultra-wealthy high into the sky for a ten minute joyride is also quite destructive to the environment. (…) Moving all heavy industry into space could easily end up being an extremely wasteful process in itself. The simple act of moving materials up into orbit could come with its own colossal carbon footprint.



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Christopher Sharp

This effort has evolved to primarily be for clearly communicating technical subject matter to the public: largely my two passions astrophysics and space travel.